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The Sector of Industrial Management and Operations Research (SIMOR) activates in educational and research activities regarding the design, planning and control of production systems i.e. production management. SIMOR supports the Industrial Engineering Cycle of Studies. In addition SIMOR has the organizational responsibility of ATHENS MBA jointly organized by National Technical University of Athens and Economic University of Athens.



Navigate to the individual sections of the Under/ Postgraduate Studies to learn more about Simor's teaching activities concerning the Mechanical Engineering School of NTUA and the participation of faculty members in a series of Graduate Programs.

Simor's laboratory units support the Production Engineering Cycle of Studies teaching process. In addition the staff expertise and the integrity of the laboratory equipment has led to a series of successful implementations concerning research programs and service provision projects. 


 Contact Info

Simor's Teaching Faculty Members include:

  • 2 members ranked as Professor
  • 1 member ranked as Assistant Professor
  • 1 member ranked as Associate Professor
  • 5 members ranked as Lecturers

and 2 members as PD 407 Lecturers.

In addition, to individual Laboratory Units 14 employees work as permanent staff with the properties of Scientific Collaborator of E.D.T.P. of E.T.E.P. and I.D.A.CH.

Finally, the Department maintains a total of Postgraduate Students/ Doctoral candidates.

Sector of Industrial Management and Operations Research
School of Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
Iroon Polytehneiou 9, 15780 Zografou



Z Building, School of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 0030-210-7723570
Fax: : 0030-210-7723571

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